Tip for Christian Dads: Birthday Tradition for Kids

Today is a very special day: we celebrate our oldest sons eighth birthday. I’ve had the privilege of being his daddy for four and a half years now. (For the story of how I met Bradley and his mom, read this post.)

A new tradition I’m starting this year is writing my son a letter of encouragement and reading it to him on his birthday.  My plan is to collect these letters in a scrapbook that I can give to him later in life. In these letters I plan to include favorite memories, affirming words, and a personal challenge for him to follow Christ with his whole heart.

If you would like to read this years letter to Bradley, you can view it here.

Happy eighth birthday Bradley! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.

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5 thoughts on “Tip for Christian Dads: Birthday Tradition for Kids

  1. wow! Has it been 8 years? I was thinking about how old he would be earlier this afternoon. I admire your family and all you are doing to build a great Christian legacy for your boys. God bless you all. And….Happy Birthday Bradley!

  2. Happy Birthday B!
    Are you starting this tradition this year for all your boys, or just when they each reach this age?

  3. wow Luke, that was an awesome letter. You and Trish are great Godly parents who are bringing up your children to Love, Praise, Worship and share the love of God. Thanks for sharing..Bradley will treasure these letters…

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