Low Carb Better Than Low Fat for Decreasing Cardiovascular Disease

In a recent issue of a journal put out by the American Diabetes Association titled Diabetes Dispatch, I uncovered a surprising article featuring Ronald Krauss, MD.  The article departs from traditional wisdom espoused by the American Diabetes Association and recommends a low carbohydrate diet over the traditionally recommended low fat diet. 

Dr. Krauss even states in the article, “For most people, saturated fat is not the top priority in managing atherogenic dyslipidemia.”  The features of atherogenic dyslipidemia are a high number of small density LDL particles, high triglycerides, and a low level of HDL particles whereby exposing a person to a greater risk of a cardiovascular event.

If you haven’t ditched your low fat diet in favor of a diet low in carbohydrates you might want to consider doing so now. Sugar, grains, and industrial oils (margarine, corn oil, canola oil, soybean oil, et. al.)  have robbed Americans of their health for too long!


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