Back to School Sale Starting Today!

I’ve been quite negligent with my blog writing the past few days. You see, I’ve been spending tons of time helping to get our local homeschool group’s new website ready for online registration. I’ve also been working on some school planning for this coming year. I’m SO not ready to think about summer being over and school starting again!

Whether or not I’m ready, school season will be upon us before you know it. I wanted to pass along this awesome deal in case you’ve been considering using Visual Latin as part of your curriculum next year. Visual Latin is offering 30% off (use the code AUGUSTUS) for just one week beginning today!

If you’re interested in learning more about Visual Latin be sure to check out my review. If you’re still uncertain about the value of learning Latin, you may be interested in reading “7 Reasons Why I’m Learning Latin (and teaching my kids too).” I wouldn’t be so excited about telling all of my adoring fans readers about this great program if Bradley and I didn’t love it so much. If you decide to give it a whirl, I’d love to hear about your experience!

Another great sale going on is Economics for Everybody. They have a pre-sale going on for 35% off! It’s
a very cool curriculum if you are looking for economics. I was given a chance to review it prior to it’s release.

Do you know of any great back to school sales going on? Share with us, so we can all take advantage of the savings!


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