The Child Training Bible: Review & Giveaway!

I was so excited to have the chance to review the Child Training Bible (CTB). I am always on the look-out for resources that can assist Luke and I as we seek to raise our four sons in a way that will glorify God.

More specifically, the integration of Scripture into the lives our children is something we continually seek after. It’s not always easy having Scripture on the tips our tongues that correspond with behaviors and attitudes we see in our children though.

What is It?

For just $9, you will receive the CTB Key, 3 Scripture Tabbing Charts, and instructions for assembling your CTB. There are 21 different attitudes, behaviors, and issues that the CTB Key addresses. They range from anger and defiance to fear and wrong friendships.

The tabbing charts include Bible verses correlating to the issues (usually 8 verses per issue). These charts also include “heart questions,” gospel questions, and prayers you can use with your child.

To complete your CTB you need to provide: a Bible, tabs, hi-lighters, and double stick tape. It was really kind of fun to put my CTB together!

My One Complaint

Be aware that the Bible you will need to use is slightly larger than most standard Bibles on the shelves of stores. I had to search all over to find a Bible the right size! To my dear friends in Owosso, Michigan, if you decide to order the CTB know that you won’t be able to find the correct sized Bible in town. We looked at every possible store, to not avail. Finally, I was so anxious to get moving on the CTB we made a special trip out of town to visit a Bible bookstore only to find that most Bibles are just slightly too small to accommodate the CTB. If the CTB was made just 1/2 inch shorter you would be able to utilize it in most standard Bibles. Searching for the right sized Bible felt like a wild goose chase!

It is good to see that under “Order Supplies” on the CTB website there are specific Bible’s recommended you can order on amazon. If you are going to order supplies online, I’d highly suggest checking that page out for materials! Here is a breakdown of what we spent at a local office store and the Bible bookstore for our extra supplies:

Bible: $16.95
Highlighters: $8.29
Tabs: $19.99
Total: $45.23

What I Like

  • There’s a very comprehensive and usable listing of issues. We particularly like that there is also a “Gospel” tab with God, Man, Jesus, and What Now subcategories.
  • Specific behaviors and attitudes have been paired up with Bible verses that address these sins.
  • The process of constructing the Bible myself was a good experience as it helped to familiarize me with verses associated with each section.
  • The included heart questions, gospel questions and gospel-centered prayers are all very instructive. I can see Luke and I using these resources with our kids as we help them to conform their attitudes and actions to God’s standards.

There are a couple of ways we are hoping to utilize the CTB.

First, we’d like to go through and spend some time during our family devotional time talking about each of these issues and reading through the listed scriptures. We hope this will give our kids, particularly the oldest one, a good foundation to start from before we use it for correction.

Giving our kids some background on each of these sins, we will then be able to more easily talk to them using the CTB when problematic behaviors and attitudes arise. We pray this unique resource will help to foster a love of God and his Word in our children.


If you are as excited about the CTB as I am, you’ll be excited to enter this giveaway. A big thank you to Mindy, from Child Training Bible, who provided me with a CTB kit to review. Enter our drawing and your might receive a CTB kit so you can get started making your own!

There are a number of ways you can enter. For item completed below you get one entry in the drawing. Don’t forget to leave comments below letting us know what you did.

  • Subscribe to our blog (and if you are already a subscriber, let us know that).
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This giveaway ends August 25th, 2012.  This giveaway is onlto available to individuals residing in the US.


79 thoughts on “The Child Training Bible: Review & Giveaway!

  1. I love the idea of the CTB! I liked your page on FB, and I also liked CTB’s page on FB! I will share this blog post as well. 🙂

  2. I was able to all but Twitter. So excited about this! Thank you for sharing it with us! I am always looking for new ways to work with my 3 girls!

  3. I am now following you on Twitter. I LIKED you and CTB on Facebook. I posted on both Facebook and Twitter about the contest as well. As you can see I really really really want to win this one. 🙂 This sounds like a awesome idea and could really help us out this year.

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  5. Totally missed the deadline on this giveaway…bummer! The seems like a great resource! I like those tabs you found, which kind are they? I do think it’s kind of funny that you had to spend more on the supplies than the cost of the actual product =) I’ll have to look into this resource some more! Thanks for sharing it with us at Trivium Tuesdays!

    • Hey Amy, yeah it is kinda funny. I probably could have gotten some things cheaper had I planned ahead a little more and ordered online. I was just really anxious to get it put together. I don’t remember what the tabs were called, but I got them from Office Max. They also had them at Staples, but they were more expensive. I liked that they were heavier duty than the little flags!

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