Copy Kids DVD: Get Your Kids to Eat Fruits & Veggies! (Review and Giveaway)

Do your kids like to eat their fruits and veggies? I have one that loves veggies (broccoli being his favorite), one that loves fruit, and two unknowns (they mostly like breast milk)! Copy-Kids is a DVD that seeks to encourage kids to explore and experience the vast array of fruits and veggies.

I was given a chance to review this DVD, which has won three excellence awards, one from Dr. Toy, one from MACT, and another from Parent Tested Parent Approved. The DVD is aimed toward children between the ages of 6 months to 5 years and retails for $19.95 on the Copy-Kids website. Perfect for my family, because I have 3 in that age range! Unfortunately, my two youngest are just 1 year old and we attempt to keep their screen time at zero. (There have been too many studies that have come out in the last decade that show correlations between children under the age of two watching television and the development of ADHD and learning disabilities.) I did make an exception to review this DVD though.

Copy-Kids is not a flashy DVD. There aren’t boisterous characters, animations, or extravagent special effects. Copy-Kids is simply a DVD of kids having fun exploring and eating different fruits and vegetables. From a parent’s perspective, the kids are quite endearing.

My Kids Reaction

Dylan and Elliot (1 year old), were largely disinterested and did’t pay much attention to the screen while it was on. Cameron (3) enjoyed parts of the DVD, but was really only interested in watching the parts with fruits and vegetables he knows he likes. He always protested during the sections featuring food he doesn’t like.

Copy-Kids is a really cute idea for a children’s DVD, but I don’t forsee that it will make much impact on the eating habits of my children. I’m totally open to the possibility that it might surprise me, and I’m all for trying!

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