A Homeschool Moms Dilemma: Keeping Your Preschooler Busy

Having a pre-schooler when you have older kids can be a challenge! It can especially be a challange when you’re trying to homeschool an older child (or children) and maybe take care of a baby (or two babies in my case).

Cameron, my second-born, is almost 4 year old, and he likes to push the limits with everything. It can sometimes be difficult to keep him out of trouble. I’ve found the key to making it through the school day is to have lots of fun activities to keep him busy.

Don’t get me wrong, we still have some difficult days, but the more I have lined up for him, the better. If you’re looking for some ideas on keeping your pre-schooler busy while you work with your older kids go check out the rest of my post at Simply Helping Him.

What are some of your ideas for keeping your preschooler occupied during school time? I’m always looking for new ideas to add to my arsenal!

(Special thank’s to Misty for having me guest post on her blog!)


5 thoughts on “A Homeschool Moms Dilemma: Keeping Your Preschooler Busy

  1. I have my daughter (21 1/2 months old) and my nephew (3 years old) do puzzles, draw on dry erase or chalk boards, and fingerpaint. I like to give them craft projects. The local craft stores have tons of holiday themed and seasonal craft projects for kids. There are a lot of fall craft projects available right now. You can have him make a scarecrow on a stick. The craft store will have hay, doll clothes, sticks, etc. Everything you’d need. Or decorate an artificial pumpkin. Last year, I let the kids decorate artificial pumpkins with paint. They had a blast. I also do yoga with the kids. You can find kiddie yoga videos online to buy where they can follow along with the video by themselves while you get other things done.

    • Good ideas! I don’t usually do crafts with mine because they take so much hand holding. I should try to make it a point to do them more often though, because Cameron would probably love them! I like the yoga idea. I’ll have to see about picking up a kids yoga DVD!

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  4. This is the first year I’ve had to deal with this dalema. Fortunately my oldest is just 4, but we do school (including read-alouds) for probably 2 hours a day, and I have a 2 year old to keep occupied during this time. She is artsy like you said you son is, so many of these ideas are what she likes too! I give her cutting, matching, dotting, etc. sheets to do while her brother is doing his reading and writing and she is always asking for more! My son was/is not this way and really likes electronics (that we greatly limit). Now that you mention it, we have a v-reader that he LOVES, but I don’t even know where it is since we’ve moved! Thanks for linking up these great ideas with us at Trivium Tuesdays!

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