Heritage History Giveaway…part deux

Heritage History has generously offered to host yet another giveaway of their fantastic curriculum. They have put together living book collections on CD’s complete with teacher manual, maps, timelines, and more. Be sure to check out our complete review of Heritage History.

Thus far, Bradley has read Stories of Beowulf. Being a boy he loved the action, adventure and monsters! I’m looking forward to continuing to incorporate many of the living books from the British Middle Ages CD into our regular history program – Veritas Press’ Middle Ages Renaissance and Reformation. Heritage History is great supplement, providing a plethora of living books that educate and intrigue or it can be used as a stand alone curriculum. However you want to use it, now is the chance to score your own copy!

Enter our Giveaway!

Heritage History is sponsoring a giveaway on our blog! You have the chance to win a curriculum CD of your choice. For everything you do below, get one entry in our drawing. (You must comment below and let us know what you did to get credit.)

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  • Unlimited bonus entries every day! For every blog post from IntoxicatedOnLife.com you SHARE on Facebook, you get an entry into the drawing (post up to 2 per day and leave a comment here telling us what posts you shared).

This giveaway will end on October 1, 2012 and is open to all those residing in the US and Canada.

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