A Recipe for Survival: Gluten-Free Recipe Book (Review and Giveaway)

A Recipe for Survival is much more than just a cookbook. It’s a story. It’s a testimony to faith. It’s a guidebook. If you have by necessity or by choice decided to go gluten-free, then this manual is well worth purchasing.

(Go to the bottom of this post to learn how you can win a copy!)

The book begins with an introduction about Freda and her husband Brody. You hear their love story and the trials and heart-aches that ensued soon after they were married. Health problems abounded. Both Freda and Brody were plaugued by ailments causing not just physical stress, but emotional and marital stress as well. They were desperate to find a solution. I greatly enjoyed reading this portion of the book. Freda has a warm engaging writing style that draws you in. (It was also kinda fun to see another couple who also met on eHarmony and married the same month and year as my husband and I did!)

Part I of the book is a testimony to the faith of Freda. Freda uses the Word of God to encourage and uplift the reader, particularly those readers struggling with illness issues or caring for others in the midst of a health crisis.

Part II’s focus is on practical aspects of gluten-free living. If you are new to gluten-free living, you will find that Freda discusses a number of essential topics that can help you on your journey. Topics like cross-contamination, eating out, and how to replace gluten in recipes are all explained in detail among many other topics vital to learning how to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

And finally, Part III of the book is filled with recipes. She has recipes for hard to replace gluten-free foods like waffles, breads, and desserts as well as main dishes, sauces, and side dishes. 

More about the recipes

The focus in the book is not just on gluten-free recipes, but on healthy nutrient-dense foods. You won’t find a bunch of processed junk ingredients in her recipes. Many of the recipes call for rice flour, and/or rice bran. Because I focus on a whole foods diet with low/no grains for my family, I needed to modify a number of recipes to use them in my context. Recipes where I needed a substitute I used: coconut flour, almond flour, and/or flaxseed meal as substitute. I also substituted pure stevia extract erythritol and/or xylitol for the honey that Freda called for in her more sweet recipes.

One of my favorite recipes I’ve made out of A Recipe for Survival so far is the Pumpkin Bread recipe – I dare say it’s my husband and boys newest favorite recipe too! All four of my boys devoured the pumpkin bread (it didn’t even last 24 hours!). The recipe I’m most looking forward to trying out (with a few tweaks), is the waffle recipe. I think my kiddo’s will love that one too! I’m looking forward to continuing to try some of the delicious looking recipes in this helpful guidebook.

The book cost’s just $15.99 and can be purchased on Freda’s website. It is well worth the investment.


Freda has generously offered to give away a copy of her book to one of my readers. Be sure to enter today and come back each day for bonus entries too!

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of the book A Recipe for Survival for review purposes, but was compensated in no other way for this post. Everything written in this post is my honest to goodness opinion 🙂

12 thoughts on “A Recipe for Survival: Gluten-Free Recipe Book (Review and Giveaway)

  1. After looking at her site, I’d try the pumpkin pie first. We’re in the process of going gluten free and paleo and I’ve been looking for recipes. 🙂

  2. I just added you to my Google Reader, I liked your FB page, I followed you on Twitter (I’m Princess_Bear), I liked “A Recipe for Survival” on FB, and I checked out her website. I think the “1,000 Days Marinade” looks really yummy. I love sauces, and I’m sad that soy sauce is out of bounds for us now. 😦 So… does that all count as one entry, or do I get 5 entries?

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