About Us

“…choose life, that you and your offspring may live” (Deuteronomy 30:19).

. . . .

Intoxicated on Life is a blog about what our family is learning about enjoying life together. You’ll find articles on a wide variety of topics—parenting, homeschooling, healthy recipes, having twins, commentaries on Bible topics—which may sound sort of random. It is. But what ties it all together is our desire to enjoy God and the life he’s given to us.

Who are you people?

We are Luke and Trisha Gilkerson. We love Jesus, each other, our kids, family, friends, books, and food—in that order.

Who’s this Luke guy?

Trisha Says: Luke is my sensitive, attentive husband and known by his four children as SuperDaddy. He is an aspiring Biblical scholar who is seeking God’s will for his life and the life of his family. He can ramble on for hours about topics he’s particularly interested—definitely a wordy guy! I guess that is what makes him particularly suited for his job as a professional blogger at Covenant Eyes. He enjoys books and music, fun with friends and family, and going out on double dates with his wife and twin babies. He’s a hard-working dude, juggling family, church service, work, and school. He has a degree from Bowling State University in Philosophy and Religious Studies and is working hard to complete his Masters degree at Reformed Theological Seminary in Religion.

Who’s this Trisha person?

Luke Says: Ah, my wife. She’s pretty stinking amazing. She’s one of the most intelligent people I know, an amazing cook, and she’s cute to boot. I definitely married up. Trisha homeschools our oldest child while juggling a three-year-old and two babies. Now, that’s talent! But it’s not that she’s only suited for home life. She is a perpetual student, always striving to learn and better herself. She has a BS in Biology, an MA in Counseling, and a PhD in Awesomeness. What I love about her most is the way she willingly and humbly serves her family, often with a patience that can only be described as supernatural.

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