Friday Funny: Sugar is Killing Us (or maybe not so funny?)

It’s no secret, I’ve been trying to cut sugar (particularly fructose) out of my and my families diets. It’s a challenge! Sugar, or more specifically high fructose corn syrup is in most everything you buy packaged at the store. You think you’re eating a healthy diet including foods like yogurt, marinara sauce, salad dressing, and deli turkey…then you check the label. High fructose corn syrup in every one!

This is one of the reasons we’ve been trying to focus on a whole foods diet: meat, vegetables, and a little bit of fruit (not so much for mamma though, she doesn’t need the insulin spike from the fructose in fruit). This video illustrates some of these points in a fairly comical way. Have a great weekend!

Friday Funny: Happiness is Two Babies

These babies are two things that make me intoxicated on life! Here is a little glimpse into our world and the joy they bring us. We hope they’ll shower you with a bit of happiness today 🙂

During my pregnancy with twins I was incredibly sick and more uncomfortable, from the pain and pressure of having two growing human beings inside of me, than I have ever been. It was a very difficult pregnancy for me. I was also very stressed out knowing I was going to have to homeschool my oldest son, care for my pre-school son, while caring for two infants.

I had never dreamed of twins as a young girl or wanted twins. In fact, when I was pregnant with my first son, my mom remarked, “Oh, I saw twins today, wouldn’t it be fun if you had twins?”

To which I answered, “No! Are you crazy? I know how much work one baby is. I don’t know why anyone would want twins!” But God is funny, he didn’t give me twins during that pregnancy, or my next one, but on my third pregnancy. Twins plus two older boys to care for. I didn’t know if I could do it.

But despite my trepidation, our family gets along pretty well. I feel so blessed to have these two sweet happy boys in my life! As always, God knew just what he was doing and blessed our family even when we didn’t necessarily see it as that at first. It’s been a busy 14 months, and they don’t let me sleep much, but Dylan and Elliot have been my most happy, laid-back babies. I can’t imagine having one without the other.

The Case of the (almost) Missing UGLee Ergonomic Pen (plus a giveaway)

Nope, I didn’t spell “ugly” wrong. The pen really is called an UGLee pen (even if they are ugly). The ‘U’ in UGLee stands for “ultimate,” the ‘G’ for “grip,” and ‘Lee’ is the last name of the pens creator, Dr. James Lee. These pens do have a very unique grip. I’ve never owned a pen quite like this one, or quite as expensive as this one either!

Dr. Lee set out to design an extraordinarily comfortable ergonomically designed pen, a pen that wouldn’t make your hand cramp. The pen weighs a mere 11 grams (that’s super light, even for a pen). The ink writes very smoothly, too. But what I like best of all about the pen is the comfy, squishy grip on it. Overall, I really like the pen, but at $19.99 for a three pack, I seriously doubt I’d ever purchase the pens on my own. I will certainly enjoy using the pens while I have them though!

Apparently Luke liked the pen too, because he was toting the pen through the house. I asked what he was doing with my pen.

He casually stated, “I thought I’d take it to work.”

Oh no! This was not going to happen! My husband was not going to kidnap one of my fancy, expensive, new pens and hold it hostage at work…or worse yet, lose it at work! I calmly but firmly let him know I would not appreciate him doing that.

To which he responded, “Why not? I’ve taken some of our other pens to work.”

Ah ha! Now I know where all of my good pens have gone, you know the ones that actually write without having to scribble on the side of the page first. A bit agitated, I now scolded my husband, “You better not take anymore of my pens! Covenant Eyes can buy you your own pens for work, but you leave my pens alone.” He seemed a bit perplexed by my discomposure.

If you’re a Covenant Eyes employee and if you see one of my lovely pink UGLee pens at work, don’t give it to Luke! Be sure to bring it directly to me. Oh, and if you happen to be one of Luke’s supervisors, would you please purchase a few decent pens for him to use at Covenant Eyes so he doesn’t feel tempted to steal my pens.

If you, too, would like to try out a three pack of these fancy, expensive pens, but you’re like me and much too cheap frugal to purchase them, you’re in luck! We’re having yet another raffle giveaway and all you need to do is complete at least one of the following items below, or complete several of them for more chances to win. This giveaway will end 7/31/12?

Leave us comments to let us know what you’ve done!

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Unfortunately for our friends around the world, this giveaway is only for those residing in the US. 

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Friday Funny – Kid Rock

Time for a Friday Funny! We stumbled upon this video recently and it made us laugh and even sing along. Be careful though, you won’t be able to get the songs out of your head. I’ve been hearing this rendition of “Old McDonald Had a Farm” in my head for over 24 hours now.