Gettin’ Our CT on with the Cool Fat Burner

A tool to help me get my CT (Cold Thermogenesis) on in the middle of the day while I’m wrangling the 4 munchkins? Sign me up! We were so excited when Eric, the designer of the Cool Fat Burner, contacted us after seeing our blog post with a list of CT resources. Eric, very graciously supplied us with two Cool Fat Burners to try out and tell you about.

We have had a chance to check them out a little bit and are totally impressed. The cool fat burner is a vest, with a piece that drapes over your back and a piece that drapes over the front of each of your shoulders. There are two pockets in the front for ice packs and one large pocket in the back for an ice pack. These were designed to have ice packs covering areas of our body with the most concentrated amount of brown fat.

I appreciate quality, and these vests fit the bill. They aren’t going to be falling apart anytime soon. The Cool Fat Burner is sold for $59.99 on the website, and if you ask me is a bargain for those of us who are trying to get our cool on.

So, Luke and I have recently decided we need some CT goals, so we put a plan together. Without a plan, we tend to let these things slip. We haven’t been very good at CT through the summer and are really looking forward to getting back into it as the weather cools down.

The plan is…

  • Wear our Cool Fat Burners at least 5 times a week for 2 hours
  • Get in our pool submerged up to our neck at least 2 times a week for an hour.
  • We will, of course, be pairing this with our standard ketogenic-Paleo diet and are expecting superb results.

We have taken measurements and will be reporting back every couple of weeks to tell you how our CT with our Cool Fat Burner is going!

For those that aren’t hip with the concept of CT, check out these posts:

New Study on Weight Loss: Cold versus Drugs

You might recall about 2 months ago I wrote a blog post titled “Supercharged Weight Loss” where I discussed the role of brown fat in weight loss. Brown fat is what can be considered “good fat” because when activated it burns up white fat in order to produce heat. The problem is, most adults don’t have much brown fat. Researchers have been ramping up their efforts to try to determine how to activate brown fat as they search for a fat loss cure.

A brand new study came out just last month regarding brown fat activation. This group of researchers used both the drug ephedrine and cold exposure in an attempt to activate brown fat. What did they find? The drug was not effective in activating the brown fat, but cold was.

Aaron Cypess M.D., Ph.D. an assistant investigator and staff physician at Joslin Diabetes Center and lead author of the paper said, “We propose that agents that work similarly to cold in activating brown fat specifically can provide promising approaches to fighting obesity while minimizing other side effects…At the same time, we now know that ephedrine is not the way to do it.”

What I wonder though is, why are researchers continuing to look for drugs, that often have dangerous side effects, to do what simple cold exposure can do? Could it be, that there is no money to be made in simply advising people to get onto a simple cold exposure regiment?

The evidence just keeps piling up. Are you ready to start cold adapting yet?! If you are, I’d suggest checking out Dr. Kruse’s Cold Thermogenesis Protocol, it’s the best one I’ve seen.

Fighting Obesity, Diabetes, Big Appetites, and Infertility: Benefits of Cold (Part 3)

The hormone leptin has made big news since its discovery in 1994. Some heralded it the “obesity cure”

So, what is this mysterious leptin, anyhow? How does it work?

  • Leptin is a hormone secreted by white adipose tissue (i.e. fat).
  • This hormone interacts with a part of the brain called the hypothalamus to regulate energy intake and expenditure. In other words, this means leptin is what is largely in charge of running our metabolism.
  • Leptin regulates fat metabolism and hunger. In healthy, leptin-sensitive adults, when leptin levels are high, they feel full, and conversely when levels are low, they feel hungry. This is the mechanism that should keep us from accumulating excess fat. Continue reading

Weight Loss and Other Benefits of Coconut Oil

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) are a type of fatty acid found abundantly in coconut oil, as well as palm kernel oil, and to a lesser extent butter (and human breast milk, but most of you don’t keep that on tap). The thing that is unique about MCTs is that they are not digested and used by the body in the same way as other fatty acids.

But aren’t fatty acids bad? I mean, they’re… fatty? MCTs are highly water soluble, so they can be absorbed through the small intestine wall where they’re transported to the liver, skipping the lyphatic system, which is where most fatty acids are processed. MCTs are broken down and utilized almost immediately and as such are not stored like other fats.

Important Benefits of MCTs:

  1. Aid in weight loss. The mechanism behind this is three-fold. (a) First MCT’s have been shown to decrease hunger. (b) They also promote energy expenditure via the process of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the production of heat in the human body. Research has shown that this happens at a rate three times of that of other fats. After ingesting MCTs you burn three times the number of calories as you would with other sources of fats. And finally, (c) because MCTs are used immediately there is not time for them to get stored on the body. (A couple studies go into more detail.) Continue reading

Supercharged Weight Loss: The Benefits of Cold (Part 1)

I first heard about people voluntairly exposing themselves to super cold temperatures in popular bio-hacker Tim Ferris’s book The 4-Hour Body. Bitterly cold showers? Ice baths? Seriously? People do this? Tim claimed in his book that cold exposure could help super-charge weight loss while dieting. I wasn’t going to just take his word for it and jump into my icy cold pool in the middle of winter in Michigan. Some investigation was in order.

During my research, I first found a TED talk by NASA scientist Ray Cronise, who was featured in The 4-Hour Body. He talks in this video about his personal journey of discovering the weight loss benefits of cold.  Ray went from 1.5 pounds of fat loss per week to 4.5 pounds of fat loss per week after simply adding cold to his weight loss regiment. Though I don’t agree with all of the diet and exercise advise Ray gives in his talk, especially after researching this topic of cold and impact of diet, I do think his talk is worth watching if you’re interested in using cold to help with weight loss. Continue reading