Educational Tools

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Visual Latin

Bradley and Trisha have really enjoyed learning Latin with this program this year. The free lessons are a great preview of Mr. Thomas’s teaching style. If you’re looking for a Latin program, check it out! I wrote a comprehensive review of this curriculum.



Times Tales

Bradley was able to learn his times tables in a cinch with this program! I highly recommend this if you have kids who need some help remembering their multiplication and division facts. Check out my review of this program.



See the Light: Art Class

See the Light has a great program called Art Class for the artistically inept homeschool mom, like me! Check out my review.


Economics for Everybody

I haven’t had a chance to use this with a child, but I have had a chance to review this curriculum. This would be a fantastic addition to your Jr. or Sr. High school student’s curriculum. A very well put together curriculum that is thought provoking and engaging!

We used the FREE material from Raising Refounders to help us study American history as we prepared for our trip to Williamsburg.


4 thoughts on “Educational Tools

  1. Hey Trisha, I couldn’t find you email address, so I’m writing here. My colleagues and I have recently launched a brand new educational website for kids – Tropic Mind ( Currently we are looking for people who would be interested in trying out Tropic Mind and reviewing our product.

    Here’s a link to Tropic Mind trailer:

    Please contact me if you’re interested in working together!

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