Internet Purity

The Internet gives us access to every corner of the globe, but unfortunately it opens us up to some of the darkest corners as well. This concerns me as a Christian, as a husband, and as a father.

  • As a Christian, I am concerned because I am tempted to spend time online in ways that steal my attention away from God.
  • As a husband, I am concerned because I am tempted to view things online that dishonor my wife.
  • As a father, I am concerned because I know my young boys are growing up in a world with the same temptations.

5 Stats That Should Concern Every Husband/Father

  • 1 in every 8 searches online is for erotic material.1
  • 64% of parents say they try to monitor where their teens go online, but 42% of teens clear their browsing history.2
  • By the age of 18, 93% of boys and 62% of girls are exposed to Internet porn.3
  • 56% of divorce cases involve one party having “an obsessive interest in pornographic websites.”4
  • 64% of young adults spend time online every week for sexual purposes.5

Free E-Books About Internet Purity

I’ve had the privilege of working on a number of educational resources about Internet purity for my work at Covenant Eyes. All of these are free to download for anyone who wants them.

Your Brain on Porn

In this book I blend theology with observations from psychology, showing how pornography warps the way men and women think. Studies have shown how viewing pornography decreases our sexual satisfaction and emotionally cripples us, conditioning us to treat sex like a commodity. But just as sure as pornography can warp our minds, God can renew them. This book is an introduction to those who want to understand why porn is damaging and what should be done to fight temptation.

Parenting the Internet Generation

This book looks at 7 common dangers kids and teens face online, from porn to predators, from sexting to social networking. This book is especially for parents who want to understand digital dangers and want practical, time-tested methods for dealing with them. Included at the end are 7 habits for online integrity to teach to your entire family. The book is rich with statistics, helping parents to understand the real nature of the temptations and trials kids face online.

Porn and Your Husband

Unfortunately, when a man turns to pornography again and again, it is often his wife who suffers the most. This short e-book offers answers some of wives’ more common questions. “Why does he look at porn?” “Why am I not enough for him?” “How can he watch porn and say he loves me?” It also walks wives through ways to have productive conversations with their husbands about this issue and gives advice on finding Internet protection and good counseling.

. . . .

Reduce Temptation with Internet Accountability

One of the best ways to get rid of Internet temptations, for men, women, teens, and kids alike, is to be accountable to someone about where you go online. By reducing the secrecy of where we go online, we reduce the temptation.

Covenant Eyes is the tool we use that make this easy. It is inexpensive (less than 30¢ per day) and simple to start.

  1. Sign up online for an account. Click here to get your first 30 days free.
  2. Choose accountability partners. This could be your wife, your best friend, someone you know at church. You can be accountability partners for your kids.
  3. Download Covenant Eyes to your Windows computer, Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  4. Internet Reports are sent automatically every week.

. . . .

1 Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, A Billion Wicked Thoughts (New York: Dutton, 2011).
2 “2011 Parent-Teen Internet Safety Report,” June 2011.
3 Sabina, Wolak, and Finkelhor “The Nature and Dynamics of Internet  Pornography Exposure for Youth” CyberPsychology & Behavior, 2008
4 Jonathan Dedmon, “Is the Internet bad for your marriage?”, 2002.
5 Michael Leahy, Porn University: What College Students Are Really Saying About Sex on Campus (Chicago: Northfield Publishing, 2009).

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